How to resolve the “Trezor error transaction not found” issue?

Trezor is a hardware wallet that helps you to buy and store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, etc. easily and securely. You can use Trezor to make transactions as well by visiting the withdrawal or deposit section. If you are a Trezor user then you can also make transactions using it with complete security of your funds. But what if you are getting a prompt like Trezor error transaction not found? In such a case you must know the way to clear the “transaction on Trezor not found” issue. Here on this page, we are going to talk about the way to fix a Trezor transaction failed issue. You may face a transactional error on your Trezor wallet due to different reasons such as low fees, cellular or WiFi network issues, or an older version of the Trezor mobile or desktop app.

Trezor error transaction not found

To fix the transactional error on Trezor, you need to apply certain solutions. These solutions will surely help you to get rid of any type of issue on your Trezor hardware wallet. Make sure that the Trezor device is in good condition and then plug it into your mobile or computer to start learning the process to fix the Trezor error transaction not found.

Different Solutions to fix the “Transaction on Trezor not found” issue

Different approaches can help you to clear out a transactional issue that you are facing on your Trezor Wallet. What you need to do is, keep reading the different solutions that are given below and implement them carefully to fix the problem.

Solution 1: Check for the valid connection

Whether you are using a mobile or computer, you need to keep it connected with a stable cellular or WiFi network in case you are looking forward to trading cryptos using your Trezor wallet. If there is an internet issue on your device then you may face a “Trezor error transaction not found” issue. Now, you need to connect another network with your mobile or computer to avoid or fix the Trezor transaction failed issue.

Solution 2: Avoid setting low fees

If you have settled lower trading fees on your Trezor wallet while making the transaction then you may face transactional issues on it. In such a case Trezor may take more time to complete the transaction or sometimes the money would come back to your wallet as well. However, you can quickly fix this issue by entering the correct amount of the fees on the transaction page.

Solution 3: Clear the browser’s cache

If you are using a browser that has stored excess data and cache files then clearing the cache files from it would be the smart act to fix the Trezor not showing up issue. You can easily clear the browser’s cache by visiting the settings of the browser.

Solution 4: Fix Trezor not showing up issue

You may also face a Trezor transaction failed issue in case the Trezor is not showing up. Make sure that the Trezor device is connected properly or not to fix the Trezor error transaction not found the issue.

Solution 5: Use the updated version of the Trezor wallet app

Whether you are using Trezor wallet on a mobile or a computer, you need to use the updated version to avoid the issues. In case you are using the older version of the Trezor wallet app and getting a Trezor transaction failed error then you need to visit the App or Play Store to fix the issue.


To sum up, users of Trezor wallet might face transactional errors while making a transaction due to several factors. However, you can quickly fix the transactional error Trezor wallet with the help of the quick solutions that we have mentioned above on this page. Make sure to connect your Trezor device properly to a mobile or computer to avoid the issue. Now, we are sure that you have learned the ways to fix the “Trezor error transaction not found” issue by referring to this post.

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