Fix it with us: Trust Wallet not showing balance or updating

Trust Wallet is a digital wallet that is compatible with the cryptocurrency world for performing tons of transactions in order to help you optimize your crypto experience. Storing crypto being the primary function, shares space with other services like storing, buying, exchanging, and collecting NFTs.

Trust Wallet not showing balance

One very specific service apart from the above-mentioned list is the access and utilization of the DApp browser for getting hands-on with the decentralized applications according to the requirements at the time. Also, the wallet service has been designed to house several numbers of crypto variants.

However, being a technical product, it cannot always guarantee a smooth user experience, which would mean it is bound to face vulnerabilities when the time comes. And so, we thought we should share some information on one particular problem that has been reported quite frequently by the users.

The “Trust Wallet not showing balance” issue is considered a minor hindrance in the overall user experience but, it is also something that needs to be taken care of, either by following the information we are about to share with you or by simply getting in touch with the Trust Wallet customer support team.

Trust wallet not updating balance- What could be the causes?

You should know that Trust Wallet qualifies as one of the most reliable and safety-ensured digital wallets in the crypto world. However, as we’ve mentioned earlier, being a technical service makes it prone to issues, at times.

This part of the read has been prepared to help you understand the reasons behind one specific issue that occurs more frequently than the others- Trust wallet not showing Balance:

  • Interruptions in the Internet network it is connected to
  • Hindrances in the Virtual Private Network it is operating on
  • The in-use device or application hasn’t been updated
  • The token you deposited, is not yet compatible with the wallet

What is the easy way out of this user hindrance?

If you somehow, end up falling victim to the “Trust Wallet not showing balance” issue or “Trust Wallet balance not updating” issue, here’s what we suggest you do before you go on to ask for guidance from its customer support team:

  1. Choose a crypto variant that you have and look for an available explorer that is compatible with it.
  2. Look for your Trust Wallet address or go on to fill in a transaction ID.
  3. Check to see if there was any record of this transfer in your wallet’s blockchain ledger.
  4. If not, opt to go through a re-import of your wallet account by ensuring the account data back up and completion of the restoring steps.
  5. If nothing works, we’d like you to file a complaint with the official Trust Wallet services and wait to get assisted by a representative.

Note: Make sure that the crypto you want to store and hold in your account is compatible with your wallet account before you deposit it. And that might help you resolve the “Trust Wallet not showing balance” issue.

Wondering, why Trust wallet balance not showing on Uniswap?

As we’ve mentioned in the earlier sections, one of the major reasons for the Trust Wallet not showing balance on Uniswap would be because your crypto tokens haven’t been added to the wallet compatibility list.

Your funds may not reflect on the wallet as it doesn’t get displayed by default. And therefore, you, as the owner of the Trust Wallet account, will have to add the wallet manually by submitting details of token addresses and other required data so that, it is deposited and reflected on your account.

Trust wallet not showing balance on PancakeSwap- Resolve it!

Well, as you’ve read through the above section, you know the major reason behind the same problem, even if it is happening on another linked account. You ought to know that any swap transactions made through a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap, would never get added to your wallet automatically.

The “Trust wallet not showing balance” issue can only be resolved if you head on to add the swapped tokens manually onto the wallet from the Settings Page of the app. And that is when the token will be enabled and displayed in your wallet balance.


Trust wallet has managed to make the list of most reliable crypto wallets, however, this doesn’t always come easy. Every once in a while, we fall out of place too, so it is okay if a manmade technical service faces issues at times.

And among the few recurring issues that we picked up from some resources, the one that we thought, might need some help was the “Trust Wallet not showing balance” issue. So, we decided to help you with it, if in case, you encounter the problem.

Reading through the data piece above, you get an idea that Trust Wallet is an online application service that was designed to keep your crypto safe along with the causes that led to the balance in your wallet not showing or updating, and the crucial information to overcome it.

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