Know about Coinbase Giveaway with Sweepstakes and more

Have you ever explored cryptocurrency networks? Have you been a part of the exchange platforms? Or have you chosen your crypto wallet yet? Well, if not, we might have heard a few things that you need to know before everything we just asked you about.

Coinbase Giveaway

We came across a common term being used multiple times over the internet, and we thought, we have to know what it is all about. So, we explored and learned everything that we can and today, we are here to share the details we obtained from our research and experiences.

The major focus of this read would be on a very simple initiative launched by one of the greatest crypto exchange platforms ever, and it is renowned as the Coinbase Giveaway. That’s right, we know that Coinbase has managed to get on top of the chain, what we’ll discuss here, is how they’re promoting crypto.

Reading through the information piece below, you’ll get to know about two of the globally renowned promotion tool or take that Coinbase strategized, launched and achieved success with- Coinbase Sweepstakes and the Coinbase Super Bowl Ad. But before that, we’ll help you with a few specifics that we think you should know about the exchange platform.

Understand the exchange platform with its Pro-version

Coinbase has been recognized as the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world today but, this wasn’t the case always. Initially, it was only compatible with Bitcoin and then expanded over time in relation to its user base which seemed to be on the upward curve, which lead us to experience the exclusive Coinbase Giveaway in the present-day scenario.

Coinbase’s worth could be proven best by the standards it set for crypto variants to qualify so that it can acquire a place on the platform. And just as the reach of its services spread across the world, Coinbase noticed an opportunity to grab the more advanced populations of the crypto enthusiast and took it.

That is when Coinbase Pro was born with high-yielding features and accessibility. This platform could definitely do everything the original service could and even more- why do you think Coinbase has managed to increase its user base every second along with retaining the existing clients/users.

How did Coinbase Giveaway come to be in our world?

Well, we know how important it is to get customers for a business and every business aims to expand. Similarly, Coinbase aimed at creating an incentive that encouraged people or let’s say, crypto fanatics to get attracted, which would further be strategized as exclusive promotion tools. This strategy was conceptualized, discussed, designed and then launched as Coinbase Giveaway. Let’s move to the next section to know more about these giveaways.

The specifics- What does Coinbase Sweepstake refer to?

Well, Coinbase has always been big on promotion and the strategy that we’ll be discussing here- Coinbase Sweepstake is known to be the best promotional tool that the brand has ever come up with and users throughout the world have totally appreciated it.

The basic concept behind it, as we understand it, is to encourage more and more people to give cryptocurrency a fair shot. This improves lifestyles, increases the use of digital money and lets us be no stranger to the possibility of digitized worlds- that is what Sweepstakes aim for besides making everything better.

This year’s Coinbase Giveaway Sweepstake has been set for three tiers- tier 1 winners of the giveaway would get $250,000 in USDC; tier 2 winners of the giveaway would win $25000 in USDC; and tier 3 winners would get $100 in USDC. Don’t you see, this is the best way to encourage and induce behavior by incentivizing users.

Now, for the Super Bowl ad that made the website crash…

You must know that this is one of the most exclusive ads that Coinbase has featured in (this, being its debut). The Super Bowl advertisement was such a success and drove in so many people that the Coinbase portal crashed for at least 60 minutes.

That’s right, a 60-second ad displayed a colorful QR code floating and bouncing on the screen, which was connected to the promotion webpage of the Coinbase exchange. And encouraged people by luring them with free $15 in Bitcoin to sign up before a certain duration and can even participate in another Coinbase Giveaway for $3 Million.

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This detailed read has been created to help you with finding the answer to one very simple question- what exchange would be the best way to go and why. We have managed to acquire the very exclusive service that Coinbase, the best exchange in the world, offers to crypto enthusiasts- the Coinbase Giveaways.

Learn what Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are to choose the best exchange version for you along with details on two of the most renowned giveaways we’ve experienced. These two giveaways are recognized as Sweepstakes and the Super Bowl ad, and we have procured important data on the two, which we think you should know about.

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